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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures – Arrow Security can determine the existence of actual audio and video devices (detection of telephone/fax/computer taps), along with the client’s vulnerability to electronic eavesdropping.

Threat/Risk & Vulnerability Assessments – We determine where vulnerabilities and risks exist, propose solutions, and manage cost effective and practical implementation that mitigates those risks. Arrow Security can develop a security plan, which is absolutely essential in today’s business environment to protect employees, company assets, company reputation and shareholder value.

Corporate Aircraft Security Study - Arrow Security can determine what type of security is needed to secure corporate aircraft and the employee by providing a comprehensive assessment of the current security procedures and by interviewing and consulting with responsible parties in order to analyze potential threats. Once those procedures have been accomplished, realistic recommendations will be provided.

Executive Risk Analysis – Arrow Security can reduce the possibility of corporate executives falling victim to potentially dangerous or criminal acts such as kidnapping or extortion. The program immediately reacts to criminal, labor or terrorist activities directed against the company, its executives and even their families.

Emergency Preparedness/Contingency Planning – Arrow Security can prepare your firm for a storm, fire, explosion, suspicious mail package, chemical spill, earthquake, sabotage, civil disturbance or even a nuclear accident by providing you with methodical procedures for each of the above-mentioned crises. Safety of your staff should be paramount.

Security Awareness Briefings (Training) – We customize security awareness training for executives and employees. The benefits include a more focused security mindset, a probable reduction and awareness in deterring internal theft and a higher morale among employees due to their direct contribution to the success of the overall security program.

Security Design and Project Management – Arrow Security provides Security Design services during the pre-construction and/or post-construction phase of a project. During the pre-construction phase, we work closely with architects and engineers to ensure that cost-effective measures are considered and incorporated on the plans during the design phase. We can design and implement an integrated security system which includes access control, a surveillance camera system and an intrusion detection system. The architect would insert the item symbol on the drawings at the precise location equipment is to be installed. This saves the client money and fosters a working relationship between the architect and Arrow Security. During the post-construction phase (for existing buildings), we conduct evaluations of the client’s existing electronic security systems which includes reviewing drawings, specifications and documents, and recommending the type of the security system that best serves the client’s needs. We can design and implement an integrated security system incorporating all facility buildings to one remote site, which would include specification layouts and configurations of access control, a surveillance camera system and an intrusion detection system. We can assist in the preparation of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for technical vendor’s security and participate in the review of proposals and vendor selection. Additionally, Arrow Security can project manage the security portion of a project to its completion.

Security Management – Arrow Security provides the overall security consulting services. We are the project security coordinator. Areas of responsibilities, include but are not limited to providing specifications, developing a pre-construction work plan, coordinating the design and installation phases, submitting progress reports and attending meetings, becoming the liaison with local Police Departments, and managing the post-construction security plan and final systems testing.

Event Security – We provide a security analysis at the facility where the event is being held (vulnerability assessment), provide a security plan for the event, and then manage the security effort. Arrow Security will be the security advisor for the event, working with the event coordinator, the hotel or convention staff and local law enforcement to ensure a successful event.

Residential & Family Safety & Security – Arrow Security has developed a comprehensive Residential & Family Safety & Security program in order to better protect family and residence from unexpected peril. The program consists of identifying current deficiencies or vulnerabilities, determining the protection needed and recommending realistic security improvements. We can provide quality, audio/video documentation of client’s physical assets or valuables such as electronic equipment, expensive artwork, collection pieces and expensive jewelry. A CD of the video recording will be provided prior to leaving client’s residence. Arrow Security will not keep a copy of the recording so the client should secure the CD in a safe location. Part of the program includes residential safety and security planning which includes safety and security of the residence, crime prevention tips, safety and security of family members at bank ATM machines, shopping centers, and safety tips when traveling.

Cyber Security – Arrow Security can provide three types of cyber security services – IT Investigation/Computer Forensics, IT Penetration Testing, and Training in Forensics and Penetration Testing.

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