GSA Award Date: August 15, 2011
GSA Contract Number: GS-07F-0673X
Period Covered by Contract: August 15, 2011 to August 14, 2016
Schedule: 084
Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire Rescue, Special Purpose Clothing, Marine Craft, and Emergency Disaster Response.


GSA Schedules (also referred to as Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) and Federal Supply Schedules) are long-term government wide contracts with commercial firms providing federal, state, and local government buyers access to more than 11 million commercial supplies (products) and services at volume discount pricing.

MAS Consolidation is one of the four cornerstone Initiatives of GSA’s Federal Marketplace (FMP) strategy, GSA’s plan to modernize and simplify the buying and selling experience for customers, suppliers, and acquisition professionals. GSA’s new single Schedule solicitation features a simplified format with streamlined terms and conditions, new large categories and sub-categories, and updated Special Item Numbers (SINs) that will make it easier for contractors to offer, and agency partners to buy, products, services, and solutions. Visit the FMP page under MAS Consolidation for more information and resources.

For buyers, Schedules save your agency time and money.

For industry, Schedules are your direct link to the government contracting community.

Cooperative Purchasing

The Cooperative Purchasing Program allows state, local, and tribal governments to purchase IT, security, and law enforcement products and services offered through specific Schedule contracts. Cooperative Purchasing allows eligible entities to purchase from approved industry partners, at any time, for any reason, using any funds available.


40 U.S.C § 502 (c) offers the following definition of state or local government:

“The term, ‘State or local government’ includes any State, local, regional, or tribal government, or any instrumentality thereof (including any local educational agency or institution of higher education).”

Educational Institutions include:

• Local elementary, middle, and high schools operated by public school boards;
• Public colleges, community colleges, technical colleges; and
• Public universities that provide at least a two-year program that offers a degree or offers credit toward such a degree.


The scope of Cooperative Purchasing was previously aligned to legacy Special Item Numbers (SINs) under Schedule 70 and Schedule 84. When GSA consolidated the 24 legacy Schedules to 1 MAS, the scope and authority of the Cooperative Purchasing was unchanged and the offerings now align to specific SINs under the Schedule.

Schedule offerings available under Cooperative Purchasing include the following:

• IT products, services, and solutions.
• Mobile device and mobile application management (MDM/MAM) tools,
• Automated data processing equipment (firmware),
• Software,
• Cloud computing services,
• Hardware,
• Support equipment, and
• Professional IT services.
• Law enforcement and security products, services, and solutions.
• Security and law enforcement equipment,
• Alarm and signal systems,
• Facility management systems,
• Firefighting and rescue equipment,
• Law enforcement and security equipment,
• Marine craft and related equipment,
• Special purpose clothing, and
• Related services.

For a full list of Cooperative Purchasing eligible SINs, please view our Available Offerings page. Click on the “Available Offerings Attachment.” Cooperative Purchasing Eligibility is note Yes or No (Y/N) by SIN in column N on the “NEW Consolidated Available Offer” tab.

Under Cooperative Purchasing, state, local, and tribal governments also have access to specific Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs). BPAs deliver cost savings and buying efficiencies.

BPAs currently available under Cooperative Purchasing include:

FSSI Wireless BPAs with wireless service plans and phones available at no additional cost



To receive the best value from Schedule contractors, GSA recommends eligible buying entities follow federal Schedule ordering procedures to receive best value (GSAR 552.238-79 (h)). However, following federal ordering guidelines is not mandated. State and local buyers must follow the competitive procedures outlined by their state and local regulations and procedures.

If grant money is being used, state and local buyers must follow the ordering and competitive procedures that meet their local procurement regulations and the regulations and procedures outlined by the granting agency.

Include the Schedule contract number on your order to confirm your intent to buy through Schedule.


The flow down of GSA terms and conditions is outlined by GSAR Clause 552.238-79(a)(3).

In general, when state or local governments place orders, all terms and conditions of the contractor’s

Schedule flow down to the order level, except the following;

• Disputes Clause,
• Patent Indemnity Clause,
• Prompt Payment Clause, and
• Certain Commercial Item Contract Terms and Conditions.

Buyers may add additional terms and conditions or enhancements to Schedule terms and conditions as long as they do not conflict with the base-level Schedule terms and conditions.


Participation in the Cooperative Purchasing Program is voluntary. Our suite of e-Tools allows buyers to quickly conduct market research, place electronic requests for quotes or proposals, and place orders. Participating partners are identified by the logo in eLibrary and GSA Advantage!®

Schedule contractors have the option of accepting orders placed by state and local government buyers. They may decline an order, for any reason, within a five-day period after receipt of the order. However, credit card orders must be declined within 24 hours (GSAM 552.238-78).

State and local governments that want to use the Federal Supply Schedules are responsible for ensuring that only authorized representatives place orders against these Schedules.

More information is available about Schedules, buying procedures, contract features, resources, and tools.