Our commitment to training stems from our belief that well trained Officers are more capable of protecting your organization and your brand. Our training programs produce Officers with the skill sets to react appropriately in any situation.
Our Training Offerings
Our comprehensive training program includes:
  • Customer and site-specific training
  • In-person Officer training
  • On-line professional Security Officer courses
  • Customer service training
  • Pre-assignment training
  • On the job training
  • Annual refresher training
  • Site specific cross training
  • Supervisor development training
  • Daily coaching and mentoring
  • Special certifications:
    • FEMA Active Shooter
    • CPR / AED
    • Fire Guards
    • OSHA
Customized Training
We understand that security needs vary from business to business and even location to location. For this reason we will work with you to develop a customized training program.
Drill and Security Officer Mentoring

ARROW Field Inspectors / Supervisors and Operations Managers inform Security Officers of changing conditions and current events. They provide mentoring and guidance to on-site security personnel, improving professionalism, morale, and performance. Supervisor Development Training includes:

  • Leadership training
  • Scheduling Officer assignments
  • Inspection procedures
  • Specific reporting requirements
  • Emergency response
  • How to identify problem areas and quality of life issues
Cross Training
In alignment with client preferences, ARROW cross-trains personnel in as many additional post assignments and areas of responsibility as they are suited. In addition to augmenting the capabilities of our personnel, cross training assists in backup and special coverage situations.
Training Compliance

ARROW’s HR software tracks site-specific client training requirements for all Security Officers:

  • We will comply with all site training requirements
  • We comply with all federal, state, and local mandated training requirements, including sexual harassment training


We are proud to offer ARROW ACADEMY, our on-line training with nearly 200 online courses designed specifically for the professional Security Officer. We work with our valued partners to design a training program that fits their specific needs. Courses can be easily accessed from any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Officer training certificates are issued and compliance is tracked by our HR and Operations Teams.
  • Customer service as a security function
  • Defusing conflict and Crisis
    Report writing
  • Emergency situations and workplace violence
  • Verbal Judo
  • Access / Egress control
  • Lobby reception area security
  • Communicating with angry people
  • Gender and cultural diversity
  • Building searches
  • Command presence
To view the entire ARROW ACADEMY training course catalog, click here.
Course Catalog